Where to Find Your Next Aircraft

Thinking about buying a plane?  Then if you can afford the trip get yourself to Oshkosh this summer you should get yourself there.  We have found that with over 10,000 aircraft flying in and departing Oshkosh during the week, it is THE best place to find the many examples of the particular type of aircraft you are interested in.

It is your chance to talk to the owners and gain invaluable knowledge you just won’t get anywhere else.  Owners are usually happy to share the pros and cons of their aircraft and provide invaluable tips and tricks.   You should talk to as many owners as possible, and start building as much knowledge as you can.  This knowledge can save you thousands and can even save you from making the wrong purchase.   You will learn more in a couple of days at Oshkosh than you would ever surfing the net.

Plus Oshkosh is a whole lot of fun!

Check out the EAA promotional video below to get you pumped!

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