Hints and tips for AirVenture Oshkosh

With Oshkosh quickly approaching we thought it would be a good idea to pass on some hints and tips for enjoying the show. If it is your first time this stuff will come in very handy, and for returning veterans there may be something useful to improve the experience.

  1. Plan for more than just a day

Oshkosh is big! There is a lot to take in and planning for a several day visit is a must. I like to arrive the day before the show opens on the Sunday and depart the following Thursday. Although I do miss out on the weekend events and some big shows, I find this schedule works for me and I avoid the mass departures at the end of the show. This schedule also allows for weather delays and I can depart earlier or later depending.

  1. Fly in if you can

You really do become part of the show, part of the community when you fly in and camp. It is a special experienced shared with fellow aviators. It is by far the best way to enjoy the show.

  1. Camp

Whether you are flying or driving this is the way to go. Once you are there you do not have to worry about commuting into the event each day. The community of likeminded individuals is an awesome experience.

  1. Know what you want to see before you arrive

As mentioned Oshkosh is a big show and it is best to plan ahead. There are hundreds of forums, venues, events, etc. The EAA publishes a great guide that is free online

  1. App

There is also an App to help you plan your trip and assist you once there –

  1. Water

Wisconsin can be very hot during Oshkosh. With the amount of walking you will be doing drink lots! It is very easy to get dehydrated and there are many vendors that sell water.

  1. Cloths/Sunscreen

I ended up getting a bad sunburn one year at AirVenture, not fun. A hat and lots of sunscreen are required. There are vendors that sell both, but it is better and less expensive to bring your own.

  1. Bring food and drink

If not shop local; I always end up eating a couple of meals from the vendors on field, but I prefer to go into town and buy my own food. If you are driving in you can and should bring your own food and drink.

  1. Take a flight (Ford Tri-Motor)

What a way to see the show! For $75 you can fly in the EAA Ford Tri-Motor; it is a great way to take in the show from above, and flying in the Ford is a very classy way to do it.

  1. Camera

You will need one, and I prefer to keep it small and light. Bringing a larger camera with all its gear can become a pain with the amount of walking required. Yes if you are a photographer looking for that great shot I understand, but plan ahead and do your best to cut down on the gear.

  1. Shoes

As mentioned you will be doing a lot of walking and a pair of broken in comfortable walking shoes is the key.

  1. Socialize

Here is your chance to increase you knowledge of aviation and aircraft. Talk with fellow aviators and build some knowledge, and connections. Many people have met lifelong friends while attending Oshkosh.

  1. Spend some time “on the line” and watch arrivals

Watching Oshkosh arrivals is a great way to pass a few hours. There is so much activity and so many different aircraft arriving at Oshkosh it is a show in itself. Bring a chair and plant it on the yellow line in front of the active and watch the show.

  1. Vintage

AirVenture has a great collection of vintage aircraft that fly in and take part in the show. You will see and hear incredible rear aircraft and have the opportunity to get up close and speak with the owners. It is well worth it.

AirVenture is an incredible experience. There is really nothing like it and I can’t wait to go.

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