3Point Aviator is staffed by an energetic group of aviators and coaches from both civilian and military backgrounds with a shared enthusiasm for adventure. Coaches are trained professionals with unique experiences and flying backgrounds enhancing each service with insight and life experience. 3Point Aviator prides itself on the passion our coaches have towards curating aviation for the enjoyment of everyone involved! Outside of 3Point Aviator, our coaches are accomplished in their own professional fields from commercial to military aviation, providing value to each service.


As aviation specialists we offer a range of services to new and seasoned pilots who want to avoid time consuming and costly mistakes in purchasing, training, managing or selling their aircraft.  Each of our services has been painstakingly designed to help our clients focus on the aspects they love about aviation.   Having bought, trained in, managed and sold numerous aircraft for aviation clubs, our team has learned through experience what matters and what does not.  We can help you do it right the first time, or get your ownership experience back on track.


We are a membership based organization. Our services are offered through our 3Point Aviator Academy.   You can either buy our services through one off products or sign up for access to all products in a category.   From online material to tailor made personalized consulting we can help you buy, sell or manage your aircraft.  Through our proprietary 3Point courses we walk you through how to make an effective purchase or sale, or how to manage your aircraft best. If you want more tailored service we do that too.   We can help you buy your first aircraft through a brief inexpensive consulting engagement or through a completely bespoke program that includes arranging every detail.   Once purchased you can start with our online material on getting the most out of your aircraft.   If you need more help we can manage all the logistics of ownership.   Selling?  Start with our online program of getting the most out of your sale.   Or let us take care of the entire process for you.

Joining us is easy.  Sign up for the Academy and browse the products, decide which level of support best fits you.

Our Academy contains all the theory and practical information you will need to make an informed decision, manage or sell your aircraft.  If that isn’t enough we will work with you individually through one of our various service packages.

Still unsure if this is for you?  Click here and a 3Point Aviator coach will contact you.