3Point: A Place Where Pilots Become Aviators

Finished Flight School?  Have not flown in a while?  Are you uninspired by what your FTU has to offer?  Tired of the hassle of ownership?

3Point Aviator is a unique online & offline aviation coaching and rental company providing North America's best skill set improvement programs and access to the aircraft you want to fly.

Our aim is to build your confidence and have fun, whether you come directly from flight school or have years of aviation experience. 

We assembled a team that offers you years of aviation learnings and who are passionate about creating the best experience possible. 

You can work with us either through our Academy or by joining our local Club.

Why Choose 3Point Aviator?

  • We understand that you fly for fun or to get from point A to point B efficiently.
  • We are not in the business of cycling students.  
  • Our coaches do not require more hours.  
  • We treat all our members as mature licenced pilots.
  • Our team understands that really it all comes down to having fun.  

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2015 Membership Renewal and Pricing

With another season upon us we are marking 4 years of operation and are really excited about 2015.  We are significantly expanding our course and aircraft offering this year.   And so to... Read More