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We help pilots become better aviators.  Whether you are looking to upgrade current skills or try your hand at more advanced training, we have a course for you.  3Point offers one place to train, rent and catalogue your skills in general aviation.  Become a 3Point Aviator today.

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Customer Reviews

The coaching, maintenance, and atmosphere at 3Point are all first rate. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to rent hassle free and improve their stick and rudder skills.
- Charles P, Guelph, Ontario -
Flying like never before…..I am an old guy that wanted to get back into flying after a few years away. 3point Aviator was an excellent choice. The instructor John V. is very pleasant and patience with my lost skills. I am progressing but it makes a difference when you really have a qualified and experienced instructor. You can tell this was not his first rodeo… Thank you John and 3Point, I hope to continue with training at 3Point.
- Greg H., Guelph, Ontario -
I found 3point to be the perfect place to challenge yourself with something different and take your flying skills to a whole new level. The coaches are super professional and supportive. They always go the extra mile to help and made lessons lots of fun.
- Zan L., Toronto, Ontario -
I joined 3Point as a member in May 2014. I found the coaches to be very professional and helpful. The aircraft are well maintained and show pride of ownership. I would highly recommend 3Point to anyone who wants to sharpen their flying skills and have fun too.
- Jim W., Guelph, Ontario -